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The presale faze of ICO is usually dedicated to wealthy investors who are obliged to invest a high value, but here as a hedge fund we create a money pool from an accumulation of each induvial investor thus cancelling the usual investment threshold. This means you can invest as little as $100 and enjoy potential return from a $1M ICO.

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This ICO had a goal of $500M and managed to raise $1.7B. As a private investor, it may have been difficult for you enter at the required amount of $500,000. iCryptionaire investors have and are still enjoying this great success of this ICO with the investment of their own discretion.

Who We Are


iCryptionaire is a global investment management firm founded in 2011 that manages approximately 160,517 BTC in cryptographic currencies and smart contract holdings, as of December 1, 2017. iCryptionaire has partnership holdings in the Europe and Asia and many new places supporting Cryptocurrencies. We believe blockchain technology is poised to be one of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century.



Founded in 2011, iCryptionaire principals have never wavered from their initial commitment and open-mindedness in the adoption and application of new and recognised technologies in order to benefit and improve trading efficiency whilst rationalising operational risks.

Starting 2012, iCryptionaire has launched a cooperation with Warwick University’s school of cryptographics.
Together with our top researcher Professor Pablo Feran, we maximize our results by working with Warwick’s top researchers and analysts in the fields of cryptography, algorithmic trading and deep learning.

With clients and fiduciary interests being paramount, our pioneering automated trading and reporting systems minimise human errors. Orders are dispatched electronically from our trading management software, which constantly focuses on best execution and reconciles trades automatically at administrator level.


How It Works

Most would only associate cryptocurrency with Bitcoin and would invest or buy Bitcoin as a base asset. Over the last couple of years we have generated full access to over 1000 coins, some of which are growing at a staggering rate of over 3000%.
We are here to build you a personal portfolio of spreading your investment over a multitude of coins maximizing your potential profit.
Follow your holdings from any computer or smartphone!

iCryptionaire Apps

Download your free iCryptionaire app direct from the app store to have access to your full cryptocurrency portfolio. Be updated with all market trends and signals so you never miss a moment.


Our Principles

Blockchain technology has the power to translate transparency, innovation and precision into profit. More so, regardless of one specific cryptocurrency, blockchain is a revolutionary technology, already implemented in many field outside of finance.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract can facilitate, execute, and enforce an agreement between multiple parties using blockchain technology. We believe the development of smart contract capabilities has the potential to transform vast segments of our global economy, reshape how companies seek to raise capital, and reinstate trust into our core institutions.

Minimize your Exposure

The crypto world is still very young and disorganized. To build a diversified portfolio, one must deal with different exchanges and calculate various commissions. Investing in a digital hedge fund gives you full access to all currencies with no exchange fees.

Strategic Diversification

Bitcoin is currently the clear leader in the crypto-economy, but since it’s launch in 2008 hundreds of digital currencies have been created with various purposes and strategic differences. There are many scenarios where competing coins may earn a higher market share in the overall crypto-economy. We provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.



Here are a few answers to some questions you may have, please feel free to take a look and if there is anything we haven’t answered for you, you can send you question in the box below and one of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

What is iCryptionaie?

iCryptionaire is a fully registered global investment management firm founded in 2011 that manages approximately 160,517 BTC in cryptographic currencies and smart contract holdings. With us you can invest funds and we will invest in a basket of multiple coins which you can then track straight from the app on your phone!

How do I register?

You can register by filling out your details in the name and email section of the page and then please click on the Finance button. You will then see 4 options
General – Deposit – Withdraw and Account Snapshot
Click on Deposit and pick which payment method you would prefer to use

How does the platform work?

We buy tokens for a low price of around $0.20 and sell them on for a much higher rate, we do this by having access to over 1000 coins in the cryptocurrency market. Other markets that don’t have this access are more than happy to buy from us.
How can I make money on buying digital coins from you?
We use Smart Arbitrage trading – I’m sure you are aware that standard currencies are worth different value amounts in different countries around the world. Well the same goes for cryptocurrency. We can buy the same coin in a one country and make profit on the same coin in another country.

How do you make money from the platform?

Our model is pretty simple its based on profit share, we buy the ACTUAL asset and do not trade the option against the investor like Forex/ CFD brokers. This is because owning the asset means it’s yours and yours alone, you don’t have to put your trust on the fluctuation of the value.
How do I withdraw my funds?
It’s simple and easy to withdraw your funds or even spread your funds into other rising ICO’s just contact your trader and he will help you!

Account Types

Choose your plan.
iCryptionaire offers a few account types according to investor’s goals and limits. Each account has distinguished features, contact your account manager for more information.

0.03 BTC
  • Dashboard Access
  • Weekly Market Review
  • Bitcoin Holdings
  • Altcoin Holdings
  • **Refundable after 1 week
  • text
  • Seed investment Blockchain corporations
  • text
  • text
1.5 BTC
  • Dashboard Access
  • Weekly Market Review
  • Bitcoin Holdings
  • Altcoin Holdings
  • Token Holdings
  • ICO
  • Seed investment Blockchain corporations
  • text
  • text
  • Dashboard Access
  • Weekly Market Review
  • Bitcoin Holdings
  • Altcoin Holdings
  • Token Holdings
  • ICO
  • Seed investment Blockchain corporations
  • Weekly Webinar
  • HFT Trading (click for more info)
    High-Frequency Trading (HFT), is a type of algorithmic trading characterized by high speeds, high turnover rates, and high order-to-trade ratios that leverages high-frequency financial data and electronic trading tools.

*  Introduction account is a requirement for all investors to start with.
** Upon the end of trial period, user can withdrawal the 0.03 BTC back or continue to a long term plan.

Our Performance

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2011 -- -- -- 3.48% 7.5% -12.46% -8.33% 4.38% 5.86% 6.57% -1.4% -3.8%
2012 -10.3% 2.47% 1.51% 4.97% 2.1% -0.55% -2.44% 2.81% 4.18% 1.26% 6.37% 5.28%
2013 2.14% -7.37% 1.48% 3.84% 1.71% -4.12% 5.22% 4.78% 10.77% 3.99% 1.22% -1.05%
2014 -2.5% 4.88% 1.39% 1.47% -8.19% 2.71% -1.83% 4.49% 0.53% -11.98% -6.52% -10.08%
2015 -9.85% -16.54% -4.34% 0.94% 1.58% 15.61% 18.22% -11.85% 31.5% 19.94% 12.55% 38.72%
2016 -8.47% 7.58% -3.57% 6.27% 1.08% 24.85% 26.27% -8.47% 5.42% 9.69% 3.84% 18.53%
2017 5.55% 12.76% 11.87% 15.6% 18.7% 22.5% 18.91% 49.11% 43.44% 52.7% 85.63% 57.14%
2018 38.8% 12.3% 15.4 % 17.2% 25.7% - - - - - - -

1. This is an actual performance record, net of all commissions.
2. This is a composite performance for all accounts traded, performance may vary depending on a number of factors including account size.
3. Performance must be read in conjunction with the disclaimer available below.

Our Partners

iCryptionaire is partnered with world's leading regulated cryptocurrency exchanges and market makers. We invest in a basket of currencies, using a deep learning algorithm and a long term approach. Collaborating with The University of Warwick, our analysts specialize in cryptography, economics and AI.

Why Choose Us


Review your investment any time. Use your own private key and track your portfolio from our app.


98% of fund's holds are stored offline. We use AES-256 encryption, data is copied to FIPS-140 USB drives and paper backup

Market Research

Our analysts are constantly researching and monitoring the market and engaging with industry leaders to ensure our partners have access to the most current crypto investment opportunities.

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iCryptionaire is a dynamic and innovative firm which attracts talented individuals from varied and highly skilled backgrounds. Our personnel are amongst the best in the industry within their respective areas of specialism

Recruitment is not driven on skill set alone; demonstration of previous achievements and personal development are key attributes to ensure all employees can operate at their optimum performance and with the highest standards of professionalism, which ultimately adds to the advancement and success of the firm.

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